Amethyst Tutorial Crystal Healing

 Amethyst Properties

What is the healing meaning of Amethyst you might ask? Well let me tell you. Amethysts are beautiful purple crystals, they help us connect with our spiritual guides, relax and embrace the positivity healing of our mind, body and spirit. 

Amethyst are natural Tranquil Crystals, metaphysically absorbing negative energy from the surroundings restoring harmony and balance. It creates serene energy helping you to meditate, ground yourself and promote inner healing of the crown chakra. 

Why would we want negative energy around us? We DON'T! Amethysts can block the electromagnetic frequencies and can protect us from being impacted from harsh anger, rage, fear, anxiety, mood swings and depression. If you feel down Amethysts can help alleviate grief or sadness and bring you back to a positive balanced mindset.

How to Heal with Amethysts

The most powerful way to connect with Amethysts can be if you placed it directly over the Third Eye Chakra, bringing a serene meditative state and conscious thoughts and guides within the mind toward a deeper understanding. Amethysts activates spiritual awareness, opens intuition and enhances psychic abilities so placing it over the crown chakra is also a powerful way to heal. The power of communication, understanding and stimulation of the mind, helps us become driven, focused and motivated. Amethyst have powerful cleansing and healing properties, they help our bodies immune systems, relieving tensions, physical pain and emotional psychological traumas.




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