The New Moon normally cannot be seen as it's almost in line with the sun. It crosses the sky during the day with its shadow side faces towards earth. It is visible only during a solar eclipse. The new moon brings the feminine and masculine together. Meditate, feel the old past slip away and set your intentions as you breathe fresh life into the new phase of the journey.

The Waxing Crescent can soon be seen as a sliver of the moon's illuminated side. The dark side is the moon's own shadow. Positive affirmations will bring new motivation, creativity and strength. Now is the time to transform growth within your body, mind and spirit by manifesting the path you have chosen.

The First Quarter signifies the halfway mark to the full moon. The sun illuminates 50% of the right half of the moon,  appearing to us as a half moon in the sky. This is the time to be brave, strong, stand your ground with your inspirational ideas and creativity. The Half Moon can be a phase of resistance and obstacles to work past, with motivation, planning and intent you can adjust to these challenges becoming the stronger version of yourself.

The Waxing Gibbous Moon is similar to the waxing crescent, where a portion of the moon is illuminated increasing towards the full moon. Now is the time to strive hard as times may be difficult. Make some adjustments, redirect and be flexible in planning as your patience will be tested. Harness the high energy of this phase, trust in your spirit guides, push yourself forward and everything will align. Read affirmations and welcome others in supporting and caring for you.

The Full Moon brightly illuminated with sunlight appearing as a big complete circle. The full moon occurs roughly once a month and is a perfect time to cleanse and charge your crystals on your window sill in the flooding moon light. The full moon is very powerful. It affects our emotions and we can feel heavier then normal when doing healing work. The full moon symbolizes adulthood, the development and stages of birth, life, death and rebirth. The full moon is high energy and is a great time to reflect on your feelings, write them down in a list and be grateful for what our lives have given us.

The Waning Gibbous Moon phase is following a full moon as it diminishes towards the next half moon. Spiritually now is the time to cleanse and recharge, release the bad habits like fear, self-sabotage, stresses and negative energy surrounding you. Stop letting the negative thoughts intrude and be undertaken by other peoples beliefs. Now is the perfect time to direct your meditations to release these blockages, tune in and appreciate the reception and abundance of life's offerings.

The Last Quarter is the time when only the the remaining half of the moon is reflecting sunlight to the earth. This phase is traditionally connected with letting go. Now is the time to release negative energy people from your life and remove yourself from toxic relationships. It's the ideal time to set boundaries, admit truths and cut ties in relationships. Make space for the the new as our spirit guides send us messages on ways forward and how to be happy within one's self. Breathe through these challenges and relax as everything will align.

The Waning Crescent phase occurs when the illumination of the moon decreases to a thin crescent completing a cycle around to the new moon which is almost invisible. Optimism and opportunities may arise, bringing feelings of gratitude, emotional intelligence and high vibration energy. Self-care is important in this phase, recharge and pursue your future goals with strong intentions and self reflection.


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