Welcome to Our Wholesale Crystal Program

At Crystals Melbourne Australia, we understand the allure and power of gemstones and crystals. We invite you to join our Wholesale Crystal Program, designed for enthusiasts, businesses, and holistic practitioners who share our passion for the magic of crystals. As an Australian-owned company, we require our wholesale partners to hold an Australian ABN (Australian Business Number) or ACN (Australian Company Number), ensuring that we work together in harmony.

Unlock Your Crystal Journey: Our Tiers
We offer a range of enticing discounts, making your wholesale crystal journey not only spiritually enriching but also economically satisfying.


Additional Benefits: Codes and More

To ensure a seamless and secure experience, we provide access to exclusive discount codes once your Australian ABN or ACN is verified. Our commitment to your satisfaction extends to other terms and conditions designed to enhance your wholesale experience.

Join us in this crystal journey, and together, we'll uncover the magic, beauty, and benefits of these incredible gemstones.

Please note that the above tiers and benefits are subject to our terms and conditions. Contact us for more information and start your crystal adventure with Crystals Melbourne Australia.